MEET THE COTTONWOOD CUTUPS The Cottonwood Cutups were conceived by the many campfire jams held in the Hoh Rain Forest of the Olympic National Park. A mix of influences meld Country, Old-Time, Rag-time, Punk, Bluegrass, Rock and Jazz to bring about their sound. Comprised of brothers Jesse (Mandolin/Banjo/Harp/Vocals) and Joel Hill (Guitar/Vocals) and Brother-in-Law, Ryan Ramsdell (Upright Bass/Vocals), the members of The Cottonwood Cutups are sure to have you stomping before sunrise. Check out their new CD from Unfoldings Unlimited.
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MEET WITHOUT ARMS Without Arms is an indie rock band from the great NW. Originally a 2 piece until recently incorporating a bass/cello artist into the band, they focus on high energy noise pop mixed with layers of calm and complex textures, along with intelligent and inspiring lyrics.


Sometime in 1979 a group of friends got together in the loft of an old barn in Clear Lake, WA, and jammed out ‘til wind blew out the stove pipe to the old wood burning stove. The ensuing smoke broke up the session but the feeling of the music played that night would not be denied. Now, 30 years later, my dream of creating and recording new music by combining the elements of many cultures, has finally been realized.

No doubt, many others around the world have been working to that same end so that now the open ended genre of ‘ World Music ‘ has been so dubbed. Truth be known, this trend for musicians is probably as old as music itself, but the expanding access to other cultures has created an exponential growth in musical sub-genres. As the world shrinks in ever increasing interrelationships, this music serves to create bridges between varying cultures just as music in general creates common bonds among individuals. I truly believe that like the sharing of art, theater, and (yumm) food, world music helps to break down, on a subliminal level, the cultural barriers which are the foundation for fear.

As Elemental Spirit, my partner Seth Bartlett and I proudly present this musical offering which is the culmination of over 7 years work. The path though arduous at times, has been full of the joy that only true collaboration of the spirit can bring. Like music itself, the ebb and flow of conflict and resolution (dissonance and consonance) is a process which brings its own rewards. It’s also nice to have something to show for it. We are happy to share that with you. Philip Nakano


This video contains some beautiful photos of Babaji channeled through  The slide show is set to clips from each track of “Haidakhandi Bhagwan,” which is the new, extremely dance-able CD of chants and mantras by Seth Bartlett and Philip Nakano. All songs on the CD begin with a clip of Babaji speaking or chanting. The CD ends with a clip of Afternoon Chanting at Babaji’s Ashram in Haidakhan. This video is a great way to preview each track on the CD. You can also preview the tracks by clicking on the arrows next to each track name on the right.

Seven years as a labor of love, praise and meditation, the CD includes original and traditional chants using mantras learned at Babaji’s Haidakhan Ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas. Duty Banau (Do Your Duty) has a world beat flavor featuring a didgeridoo, African udu drum and soaring sax solos. Haidakhandi Bhagwan has a reggae vibe featuring horn sections and hot timbale fills. Jagadambe Ma has a jazz/hip hop flavor featuring tenor sax, funky beats and a shredding guitar. Shiva Shankara is reincarnated as a hot dance tune, complete with filter sweeps, trumpet solos, incredible horn sections and a vocal chorale. The CD ends with a bonus track of afternoon chanting in the presence of Babaji. (When the ashram bells ring is when He comes in.)

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Unfoldings Unlimited did a fantastic job for us. They came down to our rehearsal space and tracked us remotely. Then we overdubbed our vocals and cello up at their place. Their mixes are superb. We are very satisfied with the work they did for us. Not only did they craft stellar mixes of our tracks, but they also added some really creative effects and other spicy ideas into our production.
Chris DavisWithout Arms