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Unfoldings Unlimited Studios

SPKR Button Unfoldings Unlimited Studios is a small digital project studio that serves musicians and singer/songwriters locally throughout the Skagit Valley, Bellingham and down into the North Seattle area. We also mix tracks and CDs via the internet for non-local bands, including a London-based rock band. Located on Fidalgo Island about an hour and a half north of Seattle, UU Studios offers quality production, recording, arranging, mixing and mastering services at prices that are affordable even by newly developing artists and performers.

Our Mission

SPKR ButtonOur mission is to empower songwriters and musicians to express themselves professionally by having their original music recorded, produced and mastered at an affordable price for today’s worldwide market. Musicians & Songwriters: YOU NO LONGER NEED TO PAY BIG BUCKS TO MAKE YOUR MUSIC AVAILABLE TO THE WORLD!

Serving A Worldwide Market

SPKR ButtonWe can record you either in our studio or, using our mobile tracking rig, we can record you wherever you are comfortable, either in your rehearsal space or at home. We also mix and master CDs from tracks recorded by the musicians themselves and sent to us over the internet. The internet allows us to serve musicians and songwriters from all over the world.

Engineers: Seth and Philip

SPKR ButtonSeth Bartlett has been using Logic Audio since back in the eighties when it was Notator on a Atari computer. He began working with Philip Nakano in the early nineties when he loaded his West Seattle home studio into a van and brought it up to Clear Lake WA to make the first CD by Rivertalk, a popular Skagit Valley world music band. With the evolution of digital recording technology we now have the sounds of the most popular mixing desks, such as SSL and NEVE available through digital modeling. The same tools available to the highest paid mixing and mastering engineers are now available to anyone with a fast computer at a fraction of the investment required only a few years ago. We can pass these savings along to you while, at the same time, getting you the same professional sound you used to pay big bucks for at a big studio.

Preview Recent Mixes

SPKR ButtonClick the button below and enter your name and email address to preview some of our recent mixes. Hear for yourself what Unfoldings Unlimited can do for your own music. There are rough mixes and finished mixes of several songs. The rough mixes have not been mastered of course so they are at lower levels. They are quick mixes of the tracks as they sounded just after recording before any additional processing. The finished mixes have been mixed, mastered and, in most cases recorded, by Unfoldings Unlimited Studios.

Meet Some of Our Clients

SPKR ButtonClick Here to meet some of our clients. On this page we showcase some of the songwriters and musicians we’ve worked with. You can hear their tracks and even purchase them. There are photos, videos and links. Check it out!

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Being our first time to record a full-length album, we were seeking a group to mix and master the album that was both considerate and cost aware. Seth and Phillip from Unfoldings Unlimited exceeded our expectations. They were able to take our ideas on how we envisioned the sound and mood of each song and make them a reality. We are very proud of the final product.
Ryan RamsdellUpright Bass and Production CoordinatorThe Cottonwood Cutups